A Haiku for You

July 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here is an excerpt from Paul Muldoon’s Haiku cycle, “News Headlines from the Homer Noble Farm”


“He has, you will find,
two modes only, the chipmunk:
fast-forward; rewind.”

(from Moy, Sand and Gravel, 2002).

Click below for my crude reading of Muldoon’s haiku:



Don’t Eat the Marshmallow!

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TED Talks are enlightening, uplifiting, and entertaining. Sometimes, I ask students to watch one before class, and use it to jump start the discussion the next day.

This one always hooks the students (many of whom would have eaten the marshmallow too soon):


Head on over to TED to find some other “Ideas Worth Spreading.”

Robert Frost at Bread Loaf

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I spent five meaningful summers at the Bread Loaf School of English, two at the school’s main campus in Ripton, Vermont. Among the many dedicated professors who have spent time in the shadow of Breadloaf Mountain is poet Robert Frost. His poem “Directive,” a chronicle of the vanished hill farms of a former century, is one of my favorites, and the source for the title of this blog: “Here are your waters and your watering place/ Drink and be whole again beyond confusion.”

It’s beautiful country up there. Check it out!

You can listen to Frost read his poetry at BreadLoaf, a fascinating extension for in-class readings of his poetry.

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