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March 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

A short sampling of what I have been reading this week:

“The Social Networks of Emily Dickinson, Paul Gaugin, and Charlotte Bronte”:  Do social networks foster creativity? 

“Curation in the Age of Abundance”: Curation is a developing buzzword in education circles, as well as in the world of ideas online– the work of Maria Popova at Brainpickings, in particular.  This article draws a thread from ongoing conversation at SXSWEDU 2012, envisioning a shift from educators as deliverers of content to curators of inspiration.  Side links in the article to Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like an Artist” and Popova’s “Curator’s Code”.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams announced his plans to step down this week.  One of my favorite Williams moments was his discussion with author Philip Pullman (the His Dark Materials Trilogy) regarding the role of religion in modern life.  Here they are as a part of a BBC “Start the Week” Podcast and the continuation of the Dark Materials Debate (via Telegraph UK).

“I Was a Cookbook Ghostwriter” a food industry confessional written by Julia Moskin , a former cookbook scribe who tells all about the cult of the celebrity chef, and those who toil — sometimes in obscurity — to reproduce a chef’s style in a set of recipes (via The New York Times). 

“30 Ideas for Teaching Writing”: A collection of ideas, reflections and resources to enrich the experience of writing in the classroom (via The National Writing Project).  I have used “metawriting” techniques (#8) very successfully in the past, in the form of self-diagnostics and proces-based writing conferences. 

“9 PBL On-Line Resources that Put Students at the Center”: Using tech tools to generate a richer, more inclusive, and student-driven dialogue.  (via Michael Gorman)

“Toward an Architecture of Place”: The Project for Public Spaces (PPS) on using architecture to create a cohesive sense of context in public space, and considering human aspect of place-making in particular.

Edible Institute 2012 Recap: A useful overview of current ideas and discussion in the world of local food, sustainable agriculture, and ethical eating.  In three parts: I, II, III (via Be Food Smart)


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