Article: Eliminate Failure with “Flow”

August 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Eliminate Failure with “Flow”

How­ev­er, if we can get learn­ers into the “Flow Chan­nel’ that Csik­szent­mi­ha­lyi and Kanold illus­trate, we can truly engage them in the process of learn­ing and exe­cut­ing the skill that we are teaching.   To me, get­ting into this Flow Chan­nel requires a few things:

1)  A clear under­stand­ing of the skill that we want the learn­er to mas­ter, bro­ken down into man­age­able check­points

2)  Under­stand­ing the abil­i­ty level that the learn­er brings to the table (so we know the appro­pri­ate entry point to the skill)

3)  Fre­quent mon­i­tor­ing (so we keep the level of chal­lenge in the flow chan­nel)

4)  Con­stant feed­back (so that we keep them mov­ing toward the tar­get)

5)  Free­dom for the learn­er to devel­op their own mean­ing and explore their own ways to mas­ter the skill


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