Article: Students and Parents Debrief on Their First Social Media Summer Program

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Students and Parents Debrief on Their First Social Media Summer Program

One of the ideas that came up was utilizing a free web tool called Edmodo to keep students engaged virtually over the summer. Edmodo looks a lot like Facebook, but it is designed specifically for schools and doesn’t require students to be 13 in order to access its controlled virtual learning environment. After discussing a vision for summer use with some parents, we decided to go for it and drafted a letter home.

Below is a window into our planning 1) before the students went home, 2) the actual Edmodo summer topics we proposed, and 3) feedback from a cross section of the 117 participating students and their parents.


The Claremont Institute – Winged Words

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The Claremont Institute – Winged Words

“What we know of ancient war, we have learned in large part from Homer. Though Homer is a poet and not a historian, what he shows us of the way men kill and die appears true. True in large part, one ought to qualify again: for Homer’s poems concern gods and heroes, the latter being men more than human in their terrible grandeur, bigger, faster, stronger than even the fiercest warriors of later times, and possessed of a violent ruthlessness in the pursuit of personal glory or vengeance or, sometimes, justice. Homeric epic is patently fantastic, then, but also undeniably real. The heroes’ deeds may be outsized beyond belief, yet their motives, and their brutal deaths, are universally familiar.”

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