29 Ways to Stay Creative

December 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

There’s no time like the new year to revamp your strategies for success both at home and in the workplace.  Sure, given the volume of resolutions that go unfilled by year’s end, starting over on January 1 might seem like setting oneself up for failure (why not March 1st?  September 18th?).  This year, I’m hoping to set in motion some simple, easy habits of mind and rhythms of life that will provide a positive rate of return.

On that note, here are 29 Ways to Stay Creative


I’m already drinking coffee (#8), so I’ve got that going for me… which is nice.  

As I re-energize my writing and thinking in this space over the next year, I’m sure that you, gentle reader, will find these strategies informing my work.  Chiefly, the potentially isolating work of teaching is one of the issues I’m hoping to address as I improve my effectiveness in the classroom and expand my PLN (Personal Learning Network).  To that end, I am grateful for those who have helped in offering me feedback (#12), and who will be creative partners in collaboration (#13).

What the musings gathered here offer us is a way to make our peace with the modern working world.  Though the myth of the individual innovator abounds, we are more effective when we network with other creative people (#11), and allow ourselves to be imperfectly human (#14, #16, #25).  Here’s to more instructive errors, and creative success in 2012.


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