Why Edutone?

Edutone draws its name from the ecological concept of the ecotone— the area of rich diversity and blending between two otherwise distinct biomes. The etymology and scientific application of the concept suggests a sort of tension between these ecosystems, and while tension carries a traditionally negative connotation in the field of human interactions, I will posit that this needn’t be the case.

Since beginning my work in education in 2000, I have seen the field change in marked ways, principally as a result of the emerging sophistication of educational technology. Through Edutone, I am hoping to explore the possibilities emerging from the borderlands and places of tension between older approaches and newer ideas.

With diversity comes resilience and possibility. Schools of the future are charged with preparing students for a world where solutions to the most pressing human problems lie in the ability to apply collaborative, creative, and sustainable systems of thought.

Through this reblog, and my companion blog, I plan to focus on a wide range of ideas rooted in both tradition and more innovative thinking; edtech and low-tech; sustainability; resilience; and citizenship


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